Project background

The raw materials sector is entering a new era that requires companies to transform their operations, create new business models and foster a digital culture. In this context, the minerals industry is facing a changing talent landscape, necessitating of new skillsets in their workforce. Companies need to ensure that their staffs are properly constituted to support this transformation process.

In the raw materials sector, technology is not an end in itself. The greatest impact will come from embedding different new technologies as an integrated whole and all across the mining value chain. Each opportunity is significant in itself, but achieving the full potential of all opportunities is possible only if they are pursued in an integrated way.

The key to do this is to have cross-functional teams that understand both mining operations and the technologies and are able to integrate new technologies into operations. Companies must be able to get the right people with thenecessary skill set to maximize value creation.

Miners must prepare their workforce today to meet the demands of tomorrow’s digital age, or risk future growth and innovation

Over time, mining work will evolve toward knowledge-based jobs that solve the same challenges as today but do so through different means, and at the same time, face new challenges. The mining companies that recognize this shift today and best navigate the changes ahead, will be the winners of tomorrow.

Strategic objective

MEITIM will design and develop a completely new industry driven MSc program that will educate a new generation of technologists and entrepreneurs that understand the whole raw materials value chain and have the ability to integrate innovations and new technologies into new innovative and feasible business solutions with high impact and added value in the industry.

By integrating innovation, technology integration, creativity and entrepreneurship, graduates of this programme will have the ability to transform real problems into research challenges and generate innovative ideas and strategies with an entrepreneurial vision. The activities related to innovation and the conception, design, manufacture, evaluation, certification and marketing of technological products and services will be, among others, professional competencies associated with this degree.


MEITIM is an industry-driven project developed by a consortium of universities, leading industry partners and research centers. MEITIM Project will lead to the definition and setting up of a multidisciplinary MSc program aimed to create a new generation of technologists by complementing their deep technical knowledge and skills in raw materials disciplines with a sound knowledge in latest technologies and with the ability to integrate innovations and new technologies into feasible business solutions in the primary sector of raw materials.

MEITIM Project will be oriented to:

  • Enhance the creativity and innovation capacity of engineers.
  • Provide in-depth knowledge of technologies (by a practical training) that are entering in the primary sector of the raw materials value chain (geology, mining, mineral processing and metallurgy). This will give them the ability to understand technical, business, social and economic aspects, as well as giving them a broad understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship in the raw materials sector.
  • Stimulate technological innovation and technologies integration with the vision of creating new opportunities and added value.
  • Improve the mindset of entrepreneurship.
  • Complement the T-Shape profile of professionals trained.