Technology changes the world
Technology means...

   Thinking differently
   Working differently
   Building differently

   Living Differently
For mining companies the question is not about adopting the latest applications and technologies …
… the greatest impact will come from embedding technologies as an integrated whole into the heart of their business strategy and all across the mining value chain.
Technology and systems integration...
... is not so simple and easy
Achieving the full potenctial of all
opportunities is only possible if they are
pursued in an integrated fashion
MEITIM is an industry
oriented program
By integrating innovation, technology integration, creativity and entrepreneurship,

graduates will have the ability to transform real problems into research challenges, generating innovative ideas and strategies with entrepreneurial vision.
MEITIM will shape a new generation of technologists
complementing their deep technical knowledge and skills in raw materials disciplines with a sound knowledge in latest technologies and with the ability to integrate innovations and new technologies into feasible business solutions

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Tracking the trends 2020

MINING HAS ALWAYS demanded innovation—and that seems more than ever the case now. Mining companies are embracing intelligent mining through investments in automation and new technology, and addressing climate change and investor concern through decarbonization…

Global Digital RACE (Raw & Circular Economy Expedition) – Nov 19-21 + 25

At our virtual event, we will be developing sustainable solutions for Future Mobility. We’re looking at aspects all across the raw materials chain, bringing together experts from various corporate and academic fields. Look forward to live sessions, on-demand videos, a hackathon on real industry challenges, live automotive production tours and much more! Network with your industry peers and help tackle the challenges we face in making mobility sustainable.
Ready to redefine mobility? Join us!