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Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, UPM (Technical University of Madrid)

The Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid РUPM) is the oldest and largest of the Spanish Technical Universities. Although UPM was founded in 1971 through the integration of the existing Higher Technical Schools of Engineering, teaching in the majority of the centres was established during the reign of Carlos III in the XVIII century.  UPM has 18 Engineering Schools and 20 Institutes & Research Centres distributed in the center of Madrid and in four campuses located around the city center, assembling 32.000 undergraduate students, 7.000 postgraduate students, 2.500 PhD students and 3.500 Faculty members & Research staff, dealing with different areas in all the fields of engineering and technology. It has 200 Reseach Groups and 71 Industry-University endowed chairs.

According to the annual university ranking, the Technical University of Madrid ranks as the top technical university in Spain, and second overall. The majority of its Engineering Schools are consistently ranked as leading academic institutions in Spain in their fields and among the very best in Europe.

UPM gives high importance to international education in the belief that future peace and prosperity depend on the ability of people to integrate and work in a multi-cultural environment. As a result, UPM has international student exchanges with over 400 universities and higher education centres in Europe and other parts. UPM is an active member of numerous international associations of universities and centres of higher education.

In accordance with the Higher Education European Space directives, UPM is providing an education based on a 4 years Bachelor level, followed by a 1 to 2 years Master level and the Ph.D. level. At present, UPM is offering 52 Bachelor degrees, 67 Master degrees, 45 Doctoral programs, and 123 University-specific programmes. The number of agreements signed with foreign universities is 2.500.

UPM has a strong commitment to Research and Innovation. Participation in competitive European and National research programs provides 40% of the sponsored research funds, and research services and contracts with the industry supply the rest. UPM ranks first among Spanish universities in the European Union R&D funding, having around 15% of the total number of the European Union funded projects such as the Framework Program, EUREKA and ESA (European Space Agency) held in Spain.

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