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Politechnika Wroclawska (Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, WUST)

Politechnika Wrocławska (PWr) (eng. Wroclaw University of Science and Technology) is the leading scientific and educational centre in Poland. Its position among technical universities in both Europe and the rest of the world is increasing every year. Development of the University is confirmed by research potential, didactics at the highest level, innovation and also cooperation with industry. The University educates specialists who are valued and sought after in the labour market. Today PWr is one of the biggest and best technical universities in the country with 28 815 students being educated by 2163 academic teachers in 16 faculties: Architecture; Civil Engineering; Chemistry; Electronics; Electrical Engineering; Geoengineering, Mining and Geology; Environmental Engineering; Computer Science and Management; Mechanical and Power Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Fundamental Problems of Technology; Microsystem Electronics and Photonics; Pure and Applied Mathematics; Technology and Computer Science; Technology and Engineering; Technology and Natural Sciences.

Politechnika Wroclawska pursues a strategy that aims to adapt the activity of the University to the needs of the economy. It successfully implements ideas of transferring knowledge to industry, creating innovations and also cooperating with business, local government and scientific-research centres. It promotes activities focused on fostering entrepreneurship and aids students and graduates when searching for a job. Each year the University receives a number of original technical solutions, patents, inventions and technologies that are applicable to industry. In the last ten years the University has obtained 1283 patents. There are 887 didactic laboratories, 175 research laboratories and 13 accredited laboratories operating within the University. The world-class level of research conducted by university staff and the well-equipped laboratories result in cooperation with many domestic and foreign companies. Students have the opportunity to participate in internships and carry out their diplomas in the branches of renowned companies around the world, e.g. Nokia, COMARCH, KGHM, NETIA, Volvo, Ryanair.