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Outotec (Finland) Oy

Outotec Oyj is a Finnish listed technology company as well as project company, selling complex mining technology and plant projects that it first designs and then executes itself or in collaboration with its partners. The company purchases the majority of its products from subcontracted manufacturers, making only the key components itself. Manufacturing is carried out at Outotec’s workshop in the city of Outokumpu, which makes equipment, and at Lappeenranta plant, where industrial filters are manufactured.

Outotec delivers its technologies and processes for metallurgy and mineral processing. Outotec’s technologies are used for applications such as producing base metals, processing iron ore, ferroalloys, and raw materials containing titanium, producing sulfuric acid, producing aluminium oxide and light metals, processing exhaust gases, coking, producing bioenergy, refining oil shale and oil sands, and treating industrial wastewater. Processes developed by Outotec enable aluminiferous clay, paper sludge, and slag heaps created during the process to be converted into raw materials for synthetic sapphire, biorefineries, or copper.

Outotec’s environment and energy business has grown alongside its traditional ore and metal technology. Mines and refineries consume enormous quantities of water and energy, but Outotec’s applications enable a significant reduction in consumption. Outotec has been ranked among the world’s 10 most responsible companies by Corporate Knights’ yearly listing several times, for example in 2018.

The company was created when Outokumpu Oyj span off its technology business into a separate entity in 2006.